Trek to Little Adams Peak

Little Adams Peak is one of the most popular things to do in Ella. Rising 1,141 meters above ground level, the mountain provides breathtaking views of the beautiful green hills of Ella. You will hike through local villages, tea plantations and green fields. This is a relatively easy hike and is suitable for beginners allowing you the opportunity to take in the natural beauty around you. It also has some of the most popular spots for Instagram photos.

The Perfect Little Adam’s Peak Trek

Our Trek has been designed to also incorporate the Nine Arch Bridge, another must see Ella sight. The trek starts in a leafy green pine forest, before reaching nine arch bridge. You then proceed on a one hour trek to the top of little adams peak, via a rustic local village. Rest at the top of Little Adams Peak while enjoying a packed breakfast or lunch, before returning.

Little Adam's Peak Trekking Tips and Highlights

Explore With Locals
Our well trained and experienced staff will show you the key sights and photo spots while ensuring your safety and making sure you don’t get lost.
Ideal in the Morning
This trek is best done early in the morning, in order to watch the sunrise over the Ella Mountains.
Picnic at the Summit
Depart from The Orient Hotel with a packed snack to enjoy as you take in the stunning views at the top.
Easy Trek
A relatively easy trek, suitable for beginners, with a well worn path to the top of the mountain.
Two Hour Duration
This Trek will take two hours in total but can be shortened or extended as needed by you.
Instagram Famous Photo Spots
Our Trek incorporates the most popular Instagram photo spots in Ella and is ideal for photography enthusiasts.
Reserve a Trek with Us
If you are ready to book your trek, or would like further information, please use the form or contact details below to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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