Horton Plains Nature Reserve

For visitors looking for things to do in the Ella region, World Famous Horton Plains National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the biggest attractions in the region. Famed for its rich diversity of plants and animals with many rare species, Horton Plains also has some of the most stunning views in Sri Lanka, with sites such as World’s End and Baker’s Falls. Possible sights include deer, bears, monkeys and even leopards.

Our Horton Plains Trek

Depart the hotel early in the morning and drive to Horton Plains along scenic mountain roads, stopping for photos along the way. Alternatively, a scenic train ride to Ohiya station via beautiful Haputale can be arranged. Arrive at Horton Plains and trek to World’s End, where we will stop for a breakfast with a stunning view. Watch out for bears, monkeys and deer as you trek to majestic Baker’s Falls, before returning to the hotel by vehicle.

Horton Plains Highlights

Explore With Locals
Our well trained and experienced staff will show you the key sights and photo spots while ensuring your safety and making sure you don’t get lost.
Ideal in the Morning
This trek is best done early in the morning, when weather conditions are cool and comfortable.
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Horton Plains was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site for its natural beauty and super biodiversity.
Picnic at World's End
We can provide tea and snacks or a packed meal that can be enjoyed at scenic World's End viewpoint.
Three Hour Duration
This Trek usually takes three hours with a further ninety minute drive to Horton Plains.
See Rare Wildlife
The rich Biodiversity makes Horton Plains the ideal location to glimpse rare birds and animals.
Reserve a Trek with Us
If you are ready to book your trek, or would like further information, please use the form or contact details below to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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