Coconut Arrack Tasting

Experience the rich, bold flavours of authentic Sri Lankan Coconut Arrack. Made from fermented Coconut Flower, this strong liquor is the signature taste of Sri Lanka. Our resident Arrack expert will guide you through a selection of the finest arracks, each carefully crafted from the finest local ingredients and aged to perfection. Sample the smooth mellow notes of classic arrack, or try exotic fruit-infused varieties for a unique and unforgettable taste experience.

A Popular Evening Activity in Bandarawela

Our Arrack Tasting is usually conducted in our Tranquil Garden, and is a very popular evening activity for our guests. It is ideal for unwinding after a busy day exploring the beautiful green mountains in the region.

Arrack Tasting - Highlights

Expert Guidance
Our in house expert will guide you through the complex taste of Arrack and explain its rich cultural history.
Tranquil Garden
The Arrack Tasting is usually conducted in our Tranquil Garden, allowing guests to experience scenic views as they experiment with arrack.
This event usually takes one hour.
Reserve your Arrack Tasting Experience
If you are ready to book an arrack tasting, or would like further information, reach out using the form or contact details below and we will be happy to help.

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