The Ella Odyssey Train Ride

Known as one of the most scenic train rides in the world, The Ella Odyssey Train is a special train that travels from Colombo to Badulla via the iconic town, Ella. The train also stops at Bandarawela station, which is one stop from Ella and just five minutes away from The Orient Hotel. The Ella Odyssey is a special tourist train, with more luxurious seating. The train also makes extended stops at key viewpoints, providing visitors with time to really take in the breathtaking scenery and snap a few photos. It’s popularly known as the Colombo to Ella train ride and should definitely make it to your bucket list as one of the best things to do in Sri Lanka

How to Capture the Essence of the Ella Odyssey Train

Instead of the entire ten hour journey, guests can also board at Demodara station and disembark at Ohiya. This two hour journey on the Ella Odyssey Train captures the essence of the trip while saving you time and being more suitable for families. Orient Hotel is conveniently located in the middle of this route, creating the perfect departure and return point once you have done your journey.


Ella Odyssey Tips and Highlights

Special Stops at Popular Tourist Attractions
The Ella Odyssey Train is Sri Lanka’s only train dedicated for serving Tourists, with a special amenities and extended stops at key sites.
Alternate Trains Available
If the Ella Odyssey times are not convenient for you, there are other regular trains travelling on the same route with the same incredible views. Contact us for more information
Ideal For Instagram
Riding on the Ella Odyssey Train is a great way to snap some stunning photos for your Instagram and save lasting memories of your trip to Sri Lanka.
Reserving Recommended
As the train is highly popular, we recommend reserving your seat in advance. Seats become available 30 days prior to departure for prebooking.
Stops Five Minutes Away
Ella Odyssey Train also stops at Bandarawela Station, which is just five minutes away from Orient Hotel. A pickup from the train station by our friendly staff can be arranged.
Train Times
The Ella Odyssey Train departs Colombo on Thursdays and Saturdays at 5.30 AM, arriving at Bandarawela at 2.30 PM. It then Departs Bandarawela at 11AM on Fridays and Sundays, arriving in Colombo at 7.30 PM

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