Nine Arches Bridge, Ella

Nine Arches Bridge is a popular Instagram photo spot and a major tourist attraction in Ella. Located between Ella and Demodara railway stations, it is a renowned colonial-era construction surrounded by lush landscapes. The majestic views and rustic architecture explains why it is a tourist-favourite.

Visit Nine Arches Bridge on Your Trek to Little Adam’s Peak

The best way to visit the Nine Arches Bridge is to take our trek to Little Adam’s Peak . You could immerse yourself in a little adventure whilst sightseeing some of the famous spots in the area. The bridge is also a stop along Stage 16 of the world famous Pekoe Trail. The scenic views paired with rugged landscapes makes it a true sensorial experience and one adventure seekers will truly enjoy.

Nine Arch Bridge Highlights

Major Tourist Attraction and Instagram Photo Spot
Nine Arches Bridge is a must-visit and known as an Instagram famous photo spot.
Scenic Views
Rugged landscapes and breathtaking views are one of the many perks of visiting Nine Arches Bridge.
Included in our Little Adams Peak Trek
Be part of an immersive experience as you walk through Ella and explore the beauty of nature in our hike, which also includes a stop at Nine Arches Bridge.
A Thirty Minute Scenic Drive Away
The Bridge is a 30 minute drive from Orient Hotel, along scenic winding mountain roads and leafy green tea plantations
A Marvel of Colonial Engineering
Nine Arches Bridge was built by the British during the Colonial Era and is a testament to British colonial era engineering.
Time Your visit
We suggest reviewing train timetables to time your visit to arrive to view a train as it travels over the bridge.

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