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We are located in the centre of Bandarawela, a little rustic town in the hill country, with easy access to many tourist hotspots. Orient, a hotel near Ella, is surrounded by breathtaking mountain views, majestic waterfalls and leafy green tea plantations. It takes about five minutes to reach the Bandarawela train station, a stop for the famous Ella Odyssey Train, and a fifteen-minute drive takes you to the tourist town of Ella and famous spots such as Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Rock and Little Adams Peak.  Bandarawela is ideally located between world famous Ella and Haputale, another destination growing in popularity. This region has become a must-visit for local and foreign tourists exploring the island nation, and thanks to its central location, it is the perfect rest stop or home base for those exploring Sri Lanka.

Local Attractions

Orient Hotel
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Ella Town
Ella is a tourist hot-spot, located just 13km from Orient Hotel. From stunning historic locations, breathtaking views to scenic hiking trails, Ella has it all, and it should definitely make it to your bucket list.
Nine Arch Bridge
Nine Arch Bridge, also known as the 'bridge in the sky', is one of the most popular landmarks in Sri Lanka and a must-visit in Ella. Located between Ella and Demodara railway stations, it is a renowned colonial-era construction surrounded by lush landscapes. The incredible views and photo opportunities explains why it is a tourist-favourite.
Horton Plains
Part of the central highlands of Sri Lanka, UNESCO World Heritage Site Horton Plains National Park is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka. Along with the stunning scenic views, natural beauty rich in biodiversity, the famous attraction of The World's End makes it a tourist-favourite attraction in the country.
Diyaluma Waterfall
Towering at 220m, Diyaluma is the second-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Known for its stunning views and home to some of the best natural infinity pools.
Dhowa Rock Temple
Dhowa Rock Temple is a famous Buddhist Temple featuring a giant statue of the Lord Buddha that is carved out of a granite boulder, thirty-eight feet in height. The cave paintings and sculptures at the Temple makes it a must-visit for visitors interested in Sri Lanka’s unique Buddhist culture.
Ravana Caves
A historical landmark in Ella, Ravana Caves is located just 2 kilometres from Ella town. It consists of a part of the tunnel that connects to Ravana Falls and is a popular tourist attraction in the area.
Lipton's Seat
Named after the famous Scottish baron and tea planter Sir Thomas Lipton, the Lipton's Seat is an observation point in the hills of Poonagala surrounding tea plantations. It is located close to Dambatenna Tea Factory and known for it's stunning panoramic views of the area.
Little Adams Peak
One of the most popular sights in Ella, Little Adams Peak rises 1,141 metres above ground and provides breathtaking views of the beautiful green hills of the Ella region.
Ella Rock
Another popular Ella Landmark, Ella Rock is a challenging and rewarding trek with incredible panoramic views of the countryside.

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