The Orient Temple Stay Experience

An authentic cultural experience providing you with a real insight into Sri Lanka’s deep cultural heritage. You will be welcomed by friendly monks to an ancient temple in Ella. You will dine with them sharing a vegetarian meal, followed by a sermon and meditation lesson. If you wish we can also arrange for you to spend the night in the temple, getting a truly immersive experience into a pure and simple way of life, unchanged for centuries.

Serenity in the Green Hills

Our temple is over a century old, nestled amidst lush tea bushes and vegetable plantations overlooking the green hills of Ella. Discover a hidden paradise offering a mystical and serene atmosphere for an authentic spiritual experience.

Orient Temple Stay Experience Highlights

An Ancient Way of Living
Immerse yourself into a traditional way of life, unchanged for centuries.
On Site Staff
Our staff will be on site and we will use our own bedding and food prepared at the hotel, ensuring a quality service without burdening or disturbing the temple.
An Authentic Spiritual Experience
Explore Sri Lankas unique spiritual heritage with a sermon from a monk, followed by a meditation lesson.
Unique Overnight Temple Stay
For a more immersive experience, request a room at the temple for you to stay the night and truly experience life in a temple.
Meals Included
This activity includes a vegetarian dinner with the monks, and a breakfast for those staying overnight.
Scenic View
The temple is located high in the mountains of Ella, nestled amidst lush tea bushes with a gorgeous view of the Ella mountains.
Reserve your Temple stay now
If you are ready to book a temple visit, or would like further information, reach out using the form or contact details below and we will be happy to help.

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